F4 Precision Agriculture Drone

The F4 is a UAV designed for Agriculture applications with an attached tank for spraying crops. Using the advanced waypoint GPS software any size of fields can be inspected in fractions of the time with F4.

  • WEIGHT20 lbs

  • TIME TO AIR2.5 min

  • FLIGHT TIME13-20 min


  • LONG RANGE3 km

  • SPEED25 mph


Additional Features

  • Up to 10 kg payload
  • heat and cold resistant
  • Spray and Seed
  • Failsafes: low battery, loss of GPS, lost comms.
  • Rugged, all-weather capability
Cloud data service

Cloud data service

-Image Stitching

-Color Contrast for field report

-Variable application report

NIR Camera

NIR Camera

-Gopro Hero 4

-NIR Lens Attachment

-Field health and crop information