The Detroit Aircraft M.E.T.A.L (Multipurpose Electric Tele-Commanded Aerial Lifter) is a multipurpose platform that can carry HD video/still camera and transmit data over an encrypted link, or just about any camera available on the market using a 15-30x 4k camera and FLIR camera simultaneously. The M.E.T.A.L is the perfect platform for asset inspection, heavy lift, search and rescue, and surveillance.

  • ALL UP WEIGHT35 lbs

  • TIME TO AIR1 min

  • FLIGHT TIME29 + min


  • LONG RANGE10 km

  • SPEED50 mph

Additional Features

  • Universal payload bay
  • HD Video/Still capture
  • Encrypted data link
  • Failsafes: low battery, loss of GPS, lost comms.
  • Rugged, all-weather capability
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Hand Controller options

Hand Controller options

-Futaba T14SG

-DJI Hand Controller


Flight Controller Options

Flight Controller Options



 Video Transmission System Options

Video Transmission System Options

-Amimon CONNEX Wireless HD video Link

-DJI Lightbridge