Drone Mapping Services

Our drone mapping services can cover multiple acres at a fraction of the cost of  manned aircraft. A week’s worth of traditional data collection can now collected in just one day.

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From just a few acres to a few hundred acres, we can map and collect data in a timely and effective manner.

  • GIS Mapping
  • Construction Field Mapping
  • Mining Fields
  • Surveying

2D & 3D Content

Mapping data collected by our systems can be used to:

  • Generate 2D and 3D content
  • Produce fly through videos
  • Create Orthomosaics
2D & 3D Content


Measurements for construction and mining operations:

  • Distances
  • Areas
  • Stockpile volume calculations.


Pix4d is our preferred post processing software.  You can choose to post process in house or we can take can of the post processing for you.


  • 3D Point CloudLaser scanner quality 3D points from a consumer-grade camera. Clean from moving objects, with limited occlusions, and low acquisition time.
  • Textured ModelFull 3D triangle mesh models with photorealistic texturing, perfect for sharing and online visualization.
  • True OrthomosaicHigh resolution aerial maps with correct perspective, putting you in control of geographic data generation.
  • NDVI MapVegetation index maps from multispectral cameras provide vital information on plants health for quick response, better yield and operational efficiency.