Drones for Agriculture Field Scanning

We have drones for agriculture field scanning equipped with sensors that can detect damaged crops up to two weeks before being detected by the human eye.

Applications include precision agriculture, where different sensory payloads record plant life, nitrogen levels, water content, and predator activity.

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Drones for agriculture use can help to increase farm crop yields. Muli-spec band sensora gives you the ability to collect and analyze various types of data, such as synthesized natural color orthomosaics, color-infrared orthomosaics or colorized normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI). This high level of flexibility gives you the intelligence you need to integrate our systems into different phases of agricultural management, whether it be crop protection, crop research and development, or crop production.


Agriculture Uses

  • Field Scouting – Cut crop scouting and evaluation time by covering multiple acres in a fraction of the time it takes to scout by foot.
  • Crop Management & Protection – Collected aerial imagery is matched up with GPS coordinates to identify exactly where specific treatment is needed. Monitor crop status, disease formation, drainage estimates, topography, and planting evaluation.
  • Cattle Herd Monitoring – Monitor herds from overhead and track the population and activity level of animals on the property. Because sick livestock are warmer than healthy ones, multi-spectral sensors can be used to detect and monitor these change.
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Plant Research & Pest Control
  • Canopy Profiling
Agriculture Uses

Wildlife Monitoring

Wildlife preservation efforts have the opportunity to be more effective and provide more detailed data to conservationists. The ideal tool for monitoring wildlife populations and movements, collecting data in hard-to-reach areas for foot traffic or hard-to-view areas for manned aircraft.

  • Disease Control
  • Fisheries Management
  • Anti-Poaching
  • Migration Path Tracking
  • Botanical Analysis
  • Population Tracking
Wildlife Monitoring