Public Safety Drones for Hire

Within minutes our operators can give your team real time aerial video and imagery. Our Public Safety Drones provide a low cost effective method for gathering information for better situational analysis across a number of public safety departments.

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Police Uses

Our public safety drones provide police with a quick and effective aerial imagery solution for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations.

Forensics & Traffic Investigations

Visual sensors record and process information for accident and crime scene reconstruction.


With quiet operations and stealth modes allow your team to gain valuable-time sensitive information while avoiding detection. EOD units can safely and effectively assess explosives.

Crowd Control & Event Monitoring

Drug Plantation Investigations

Disaster Management

Support for Arrest Warrants

Barricaded Guman/Hostage Situations

VIP Security Support & Perimeter Security

Police Uses

Fire Uses

Get a real-time aerial view for scene size-up, fire monitoring, and post-fire analysis within minutes.

Observation & Training

Our public safety drones can collect information that can be used to build fire risk and burnt-area maps, and generate 3D map models. Recorded video and photographic imagery can be used for training and shared with other agencies (Police, Insurance, etc.).


Hovering capabilities allow incident commanders to obtain detailed images of a fire and provide heat source information, geo-referencing, and more.

Risk-Minimizing Technology

With our drones on the scene emergency public safety personnel can focus on assessing the situation so they can respond in the safest and most effective way possible.


Fire Uses

Environmental Agencies Uses

More cost-time effective option for regulating environmental compliance programs than traditional manned aircraft. Various sensor options allow you to monitor air quality, factory emissions, waste dumping, water quality, and pollution.

River Pollution Monitoring

IR sensors technology can help analyze river pollution, flow rate and water level for changes and regulation.

Beach/Reef Restoration & Re-nourishment

Record video, documenting project conditions and monitoring waste during restoration projects.

Factory Emission Regulation

Our drone sensors can see gases the naked eye cannot, so you can monitor factory emissions or detect leaks that may lead to an environmental and economic impact.


Environmental Agencies Uses

Search & Rescue Uses

Cover more area in less time while also searching terrain that is difficult for human search teams to access.

Locate Missing Persons

Our public safety drones allow for FPV (first person view) technology that aid in surveying a grid in real-time and and pinpointing exact locations of lost persons that can be relayed back to ground crews.

Detroit Aircraft’s public safety drone service program is a perfect solution for public safety agencies looking for a drone solution.  We take the hassle out of your agency having to set up and manage drone program.

Search & Rescue Uses